Welcome to Bestbackbets.com! Before we begin, do not be fooled by the austerity of our website.  We have only one single objective- to make you financially successful on Betfair and on Pari-mutuel.

Naturally our compensation will be your purchasing of our subscriptions. We will introduce ourselves in a Question & Answer format.

For those that are new to or do not have accounts already opened in www.betfair.com please go to our section Introduction to Betfair.

Q: What qualifies you to produce these winning selections?

A: We use mathematics and a 15 year experience in winning. Mathematics is your primary tool. You are welcome to use Software technology of your choice, but do not over analyze excessive and irrelevant data that might confuse the Betfair picks that BestBackBets picked for you.

Q: What are the similarities and differences in placing a bet at an actual United States race track or online with the computer (ADW [advanced deposit wagering],Twinspires, Youbet, Xpressbet, TVG, etc.) versus placing a bet on www.betfair.com?

A: The only similarity in all methods is using the results of the United States racetrack to determine the winners of the race. The money involved in paying the winners is different. The money wagered at the racetrack or through the computer is kept in a pari-mutuel pool.

All winners receive their share from this pari-mutuel pool after the racetrack takes their commission (up to 25%). Also, one does not know the odds in the race until the race is finished. In other words you may win the race, but could actually lose money if the odds are too low.

In www.betfair.com exchange betting is occuring. There is no pari-mutuel pool. The players (individuals or groups) are betting against each other’s money anonymously against “fixed odds”. That is, you know exactly how much money you will earn in a race if you are successful. www.betfair.com is merely an agent that takes a commission of 5% or less, and only against the winner. Therefore, if you know the selections (purchased through www.bestbacks.com) and the fixed odds, you will make money! For additional information please read our section Introduction to Betfair.

Q: Do you also lay bets on other horserace tracks besides the United States?

A: No, we do not. We do the United States Horse Racing Tracks that are featured in www.betfair.com & pari-mutuel.

Q: What are you selling?

A: You purchase our horse number selections and place your Bestbackbets on www.betfair.com with our selections.

Q: How does one purchase your selections?

A: Select one of our subscription plans and purchase through PayPal. By accessing our website with your User ID and Password, you will see our posted selections on the website for selected United States Horse Racing Tracks.

Q: If your selections are so accurate… why are you selling them at such a low price?

A: Fortunately all of our  international staff have existing professional jobs and alreadyhave profited financially and intellectually from the “dot com” era.  However… 15+years of research and analysis have been invested in our database.

 What if a race is canceled… say weather conditions or a horse is “scratched” or 

A: No worries… these are unforeseeable events that can happen.  BETFAIR has a strict policy in regards to cancellations and scratches.  When you enroll in our subscription plans we offer selections for multiple horse race tracks - simply choose another great suggestion.

Q: Does your website post changes when they happen?

A: Absolutely yes!  We are always monitoring changes… scratches, weather conditions,race cancellations… etc. We will do our utmost to announce such changes as soon as possible - please keep checking the web site close to the beginning of the race you chose.

 I don’t know anything about horseracing or www.betfair.com… how may I use your selections to make money?

 As mentioned we will give you the winning selections… so you don’t need to study horseracing. www.betfair.com is displayed in multiple languages.  They also have an excellent video tutor on “How to place a BACK bet”.  They have 24 hour live operators that will answer any questions.  The toll free number in the United Statesand Canada is 1-866-381-7119.  Please consult www.betfair.com for phone numbers from other countries.

So… in summary… How do I utilize your website in making money?

A: Step 1-Purchase horse selections from our website www.bestbackbets.com

Step 2-With your purchased horse selection, go thewww.betfair.com and place your bet.  Once the bet is “MATCHED” (the odds and bet are “locked in”)… just relax and watch the race.  When the horse wins, www.betfair.com will automatically credit your account with your winnings.

 Q: I don’t have an account with www.betfair.com.  How do I open an account?

A: Please read “INTRODUCTION to BETFAIR” on our website.  There is a detailed decription on how to open an account and place a bet on www.betfair.com

 I live in a country that is allowed to open a Betfair account.  However, I have a passport from a country that is not allowed to open a Betfair account.

 Betfair uses the passport to verify age… 18 years or over.  The passport must have a current expiration date.

 I often travel and I may not be in the country I opened my Betfair account.  May I still place a bet?

 Yes, you may place a bet from any country that is recognized by Betfair, from a computer or telephone.

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